Borst Automotive

1255 S Swan Rd
Tucson, AZ 85711
32.2062614 -110.8918102
4.89/5.00 average rating
140 reviews
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MNG Customer Reviews (140)

 5     Jack 10/23/2015
Service was great and as always thorough. Really appreciate the in depth inspection. Was really surprise with the license plate frame!! Thank you!!

 5     Tom 10/22/2015
5 stars

 5     Steve 10/22/2015

 5     Stephanie 10/22/2015
Your service is excellent. My vehicle was fixed promptly and thoroughly. The issues with my vehicle were properly diagnosed and explained to me in detail I could understand. I have already recommended others to your site. Thanks for your service.

 5     Deborah 10/17/2015

 5     Kevin 10/01/2015
I sent a review to you yesterday that was meant for services received at a different place of business! I apologize! You service of my Ram truck was fine.

 5     Don 10/01/2015
Lori was fantastic. She took me in and was able to get my Mercury rolling sooner than I expected. All is well and my car is again working just fine.

 5     Cross 09/24/2015
Great service and customer service is A+

 5     Marylou 09/24/2015
I feel like the owner/s of Borst Automotive are extremely fortunate to have the staff that they do.

 5     Suzan 09/03/2015
Borst came highly recommended by several people. I have been extremely happy with their friendly service. Steve keeps me updated on my repairs and Todd has done a great job helping me fix my 1950 Chevy. I highly recommend them.

 5     Pat 09/03/2015

 5     Patricia 09/03/2015

 5     Lou 08/27/2015
Great service, knowledgeable technicians and a friendly group at the front desk.

 5     Scott 08/13/2015

 3     Rory 12/10/2016
Customer service was great. They got my car up and running but a few things probably fuse related weren't fixed. My power locks and dash clock didn't work at all. That is why only 3 stars. I think the place is good but not having my car back 100 percent after spending a lot of money there is bringing it down

 3     Kris 03/03/2016
Although supposedly timely, youre service is consistently late. That has been the case for years now.

 3     Katharine 01/20/2016
Was told incorrect information on the phone, wasted time bringing vehicle in for a repair they could not do. Staff was very friendly and tech was pretty good, although not able to perform the needed repair.

 2     Nicolette 07/21/2016
While I appreciated the clear breakdown of services and friendly staff, I feel that Borst recommended many unnecessary and expensive services for my vehicle, especially when I took it in only for minor issues. I compared their recommendations with second and third opinions who all did not think any of the services were necessary.

 2     Bill 07/06/2016
I felt "ambushed" by Borst. Their prices are on par with dealers, including a particularly galling $140 to "diagnose" the problem that the Check Engine code practically does for them. When did repair shops go the route of airlines and come up with fees for services that are expected? Really, isn't troubleshooting part of what "trained" mechanics do? And then charging the shop standard for any repair and marked up prices for materials. $500 to change a thermostat, really?!?! And then they wanted nearly $400 for two tires that were priced at Discount or Jack Furrier at $275. If you want to pay through the nose, go to the dealer!

 1     Carla 06/16/2016
Overcharging! Charged us $150 just to do a diagnostic on the engine light. I found out later that local car parts stores will do the same diagnostic for FREE!

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