Borst Automotive

1255 S Swan Rd
Tucson, AZ 85711
32.2062614 -110.8918102
4.89/5.00 average rating
142 reviews
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MNG Customer Reviews (142)

 2     Bill 07/06/2016
I felt "ambushed" by Borst. Their prices are on par with dealers, including a particularly galling $140 to "diagnose" the problem that the Check Engine code practically does for them. When did repair shops go the route of airlines and come up with fees for services that are expected? Really, isn't troubleshooting part of what "trained" mechanics do? And then charging the shop standard for any repair and marked up prices for materials. $500 to change a thermostat, really?!?! And then they wanted nearly $400 for two tires that were priced at Discount or Jack Furrier at $275. If you want to pay through the nose, go to the dealer!

 1     Carla 06/16/2016
Overcharging! Charged us $150 just to do a diagnostic on the engine light. I found out later that local car parts stores will do the same diagnostic for FREE!

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